i love football. i am not an expert but i have a few credentials:
1. i chose my university based on the football program (well not entirely true but mostly... when i saw the university of colorado football stadium they had me at ralphie.
2. i played powder puff in high school, almost lost an appendage as a result of a tackle gone bad (oops it was flag football). it was and is my first and only broken bone.
3. i grew up a duck fan during the miserable but awesome years a la rich brooks and i'm fairly certain he had a crush on my mom (go mom!).
4. one of my best friend's gramps is red hickey - just a guy who invented a little thing called the shotgun formation.
5. did you see my purse?
most everything i know about football has been self-taught therefore this blog won't have any expert analysis well occassionally it might if i'm feeling really superior in my fantasy football league or i've had a few glasses of wine. :)
football is my happy place. there's nothing better than an offside kick returned for a TD or a SAFETY, ya feel me?!